Adventure Air

Adventure Air is a complete float and wheel charter service. We are located 60 miles North East of Winnipeg at the Municipal Airport in Lac du Bonnet, MB. The paved runway is conveniently located walking distance from our floatbase making it easy accommodate wheel, float or ski aircraft.
Adventure Air offers services to remote fishing and hunting destinations, freight and passenger services throughout Manitoba's Northern Communities.

OUR FLEET: Cessna Grand Caravan, Cessna Amphibious Caravan, DHC-3T OTTER, Cessna 185, Beaver, Cessna 337 Skymaster

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Office: 1-204-345-8322
Toll free: 1-800-463-4744

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Box 670
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
Canada R0E 1A0

Friday, March 23, 2018


Cessna Amphibious Caravan
                        The Amphibious Caravan is versatile aircraft that can operate on land and water. 
                With a large cargo door handling bulky fright such as quads,
             snowmobiles and generators can be done very easily. Pay Load 2400lbs.                                   
 Seats up to nine passengers. 
The Otter opened the Canadian North as the first rugged built bush plane capable of carrying large cargo such as snowmobiles, lumber, full sheets of plywood and other equipment. Adventure Air operates Three DHC-3T Otters, which have been upgraded with modern turbine engines. These otters are also equipped with stol kits to maximize short takeoff and landing capabilities. We have also installed upgross kits on all three otters to provide our customers the best value. This aircraft is also capable of carrying external loads such as boats, canoes can be configured to handle bulk fuel hauls to remote areas. The otter is available on floats, wheels and skis. Pay Load 2800 lbs.
                                          Seats up to nine passengers.

A classic bush plane of the Canadian North, the De Havilland Beaver is great for medium size loads. This aircraft is capable of operating out of small lakes or short  airstrips. Pay Load 1400 lbs.
                                         Seats up to six passengers.                  
Amphibious Caravan is versatile aircraft that can operate on land and water. With a large cargo door handling bulky fright such as quads, snowmobiles and generators can be done very easily. Is ideal for hard work.
                   Seats up to nine passengers.